Digital Manager, Basebuilding Team

Position Title: Digital Manager, Basebuilding Team

Position Location: NYC preferred, but remote applicants welcomed

The Center for Popular Democracy/CPD Action is seeking a full-time Digital Manager for our Organizing Team.

About CPD + CPDA

The Center for Popular Democracy and CPD Action (together, CPD/A) work to promote equity, opportunity, and a dynamic democracy in partnership with innovative base-building organizations, organizing networks and alliances, and progressive unions across the country. We currently work with more than 45 partner organizations in more than 38 states, Puerto Rico, and D.C., and build the strength and capacity of democratic organizations to envision and advance a pro-worker, pro-immigrant, racial and economic justice agenda. We are a rapidly-expanding, changing organization that partners with organizations across the country to build political power and win tangible victories that improve the lives of low-wage workers, immigrants, and communities of color.

About the Position

CPD/A is seeking a full-time Digital Manager for our Organizing Team. This is a new role that will work to implement ways to integrate digital organizing into base-building tactics and help CPD/A and affiliate programs learn from each other to create a framework of best practices. This role has a major digital focus, but is fundamentally focused on helping to build an online/offline blended organizing model.   We’re looking for someone who is an organizer and is someone who will develop innovative new blended digital and field strategies for engaging our constituents (primarily in low income communities and communities of color), and implementing these strategies across our network, in partnership with our national organizing team and our affiliates organizing programs.

Primary Responsibilities

The Digital Manager will:

  • Create powerful video and other digital content in both English and Spanish that engages a base of primarily Black and Latinx people, that uplifts our values, and that moves people into action
  • Engage members to create and upload video content, edit and curate this content to build a storybank and advance a powerful narrative, and work with others to elevate the voices of members
  • Help lead work to reach out to supporters and potential supporters online, engage them in organizing conversations, and move them to offline organizing and action
  • Provide rapid response digital support to build and advance needed petitions, Facebook pages and groups, landing pages, etc. in a way that is aligned with organizational guidelines
  • Write compelling emails and stories deepen our base, inspire action, raise money, and advance organizing online
  • Conduct, analyze, and share findings of message testing to identify the most effective organizing strategies and strengthen impact
  • Collaborate with staff across our Organizing Team and with others within CPD/A and the CPD/A network to develop new innovative blended organizing strategies that combine digital, social media, and field outreach 
  • Support the overall development of a robust membership recruitment program that builds power for long-term organizing

Job Requirements 

  • You are an organizer with ~6 years of organizing experience and have an understanding of organizing flow, raps, relationship building, committee development, etc.  At least 2 years are digital or blended organizing experience.  
  • You have a demonstrated ability to build relationships of trust and mutual respect with broad range of people and can work with organizers to advance day-to-day, often fast-moving, work
  • You are preferably fluent in both English and Spanish
  • You have a demonstrated ability to tell stories that move people, and are skilled at producing strong and impactful digital content that does so, including through graphic design, videos, memes, etc. 
  • You are proficient in setting up and managing digital list building and community sites including petitions, Facebook groups and pages, donation pages, etc. (which includes being moderately proficient in customizing HTML/CSS coding)
  • You are familiar with a variety of digital and organizing tools including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Hustle, Soapboxx, Slack, VAN, Google Analytics, etc. On EveryAction, you ideally have at least a year of administration experience. 
  • You have experience in running digital tests — you’re comfortable identifying what can/should be tested and developing the methodology to run it
  • You are able to deploy timely content during rapid response scenarios
  • You have strong oral and written communication skills
  • You have a problem-solving perspective and an ability to work well in teams
  • You pay attention to detail and have strong project-management skills
  • You are able to travel occasionally (after travel is safe, given COVID-19) and have an ability to work varied hours including some nights, weekends and holidays when needed 
  • You have a deep commitment to social, racial and economic justice and an understanding of the challenges facing low-wage workers, immigrant communities, and communities of color

Salary and Benefits

This is a union position. Salary will be determined according to a salary scale which takes into account years’ experience, location, job category, and other factors, but is expected to be $60,000-$70,000 and category 2. The CBA is available here.

We have a generous benefits package, including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 15 vacation days per year, 10 sick days per year, 13 paid holidays per year, and contributions to individuals’ 401K plans. 

HOW TO APPLY: Please submit your cover letter and resume through our Hiring thing Portal:

CPD/A is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and actively recruits people of color, womxn, individuals with disabilities and members of the LGBTIQAA+ community.